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Dads are the cornerstone of strength, faith and love in every family. Behind the facade of that strong man is a heart full of love, care and sweetness. Your mom may not sleep but your dad will be wide awake even with eyes closed; mom may cook your favorite food but dad will be with her in the kitchen; mom may juggle multiple tasks but dad will be the pillar of support.

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A father is the figure who churns out positivity and aspirations in abundance. Even when your dad is wary of your plans, he will not give you a hint of it. He will be your pole star, guiding you but never fighting your battles for you – he teaches you to stand up for your own self. He will be your critic but also your reservoir of support. You may have a Plan B to fall back on in case Plan A fails, but dads are ready with Plans C, D and E too!

Father's Day gift
Ebonywood Watch

Fathers give all that they have in order to mould their child in the best possible manner. They give their children the gift of Time – time spent teaching their kids how to cycle, play, dance, write, and everything else. Just like Ma, Pa needs an equal display of love and affection.

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So this Father’s Day take time out to rewind and relive your childhood memories, and celebrate them with pomp and show.

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