One Tree at a time! More Watch, More Trees

A watch is not just a timepiece; it is a style statement that speaks volumes about the choice and taste of the beholder. A watch adds to the personality of the wearer, and it is one of the best accessories for the people of all ages. What if buying a watch also added to the noble cause of tree plantation?
Surprising, but true!

At Tsar, we never overlook at the fact that it is our prime duty to give back to the Mother Nature who has given us abundant resources for free. We always source wood, a necessary raw material for making watches, only through sustainable energy sources and discourage the ruthless cutting of trees. While global warming and climate changes are our primary concerns, we also understand that for every watch we make, we should add something to the Mother Nature and hence started an initiative.

We have partnered with major NGOs to implement tree plantation and work in tandem with them to bring our idea to life. Till date, we have planted a number of trees and covered places like Udaipur, Kumbalgarh, Amravati, Madanapalle, and Sundarbans.

Deforestation and other natural calamities like soil erosion and drought have taken a toll on the lives of local inhabitants and through our Plant a tree initiative, we have envisaged to improve the quality of their life. We believe in the fact that a business is not merely a business done to earn income, it is way beyond that and should include an element of environmental protection and should strive to make this Earth a greener place to live.
While we have taken the first step, we encourage our customers to be a part of this noble cause and make their contribution by merely buying a watch from Tsar. It will be fulfilling to see forests getting greener with each tree we plant for each watch you purchase.
Every wooden watch you buy, motivates us to give back more to the nature….take a step further to eco-friendly lifestyle.

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