Inquisitions and resolutions for a wood watch

The most basic query any person has before buying a wood watch usually is if wood watches are water
proof? Well they are water resistant. To put in other words, wooden watches are splash proof. To
elaborate it simply means your watch is fine while you’re doing a few dishes at home or sitting by the
beach or if there is a little drizzle on a cloudy day. But all that you cannot do is take a dive in the water or
wear it while in a shower. All the watches offered by TSAR are water resistant so you don’t have a
second thought buying one for yourself.

Store your wooden watches well. If you have received any box along with the watch make sure it is
stored in it when not in use. Wood is of great value and when stored properly wood gets better with

It is also a task to keep any wooden product clean. Surprisingly to keep your wooden watches clean you
do not have to search for any cleaning liquid. You can do this right at home by making a little solution of
your own. Take a little bit of olive oil and equal amount of lemon juice. Mix the two ingredients and use
a soft cloth or a cotton piece to dip in the solution and clean it gently on the watch. Do not soak in a lot
of the solution. After that is done, use another dry piece of cloth to wipe the solution off the watch.
Make sure it is well rubbed so that it does not remain sticky.

Do not hesitate to buy a wood watch for yourself. It definitely is a good choice to add on to your
collection. Wood watches are fashionable, trendy and something very beautiful to flaunt with. TSAR
offers a variety of watches with different woods to choose from. Go ahead and buy one right now to be
a TSAR yourself.


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