Is that Watch a Real Deal?

I recently bought myself a stunning watch which was not only impressive but expensive too. I wear this watch to my workplace and it is my companion forever. Few days down, to my surprise I saw this same watch worn by my office driver. For a moment I was startled till the reality of first copy or counterfeit sink in.

Well this incident clearly reminded me of Sabyachi Mukherjee, the ace Indian designer’s remark made about the banarasi saree worn by Anushka on her wedding , “I know copies of this saree will flood the entire country in the next few months to come, which also means that a million weaver’s children will be back at school.”. The latter part is doing well to the humanity but the first part makes me cringe about the repercussions of replica can cause to any industry be it garments, cosmetics or accessories like watches.

With my little online research I realized that these days, every third person is flaunting high end watches be it Tsar, Rolex, Tag Heuer and many others. This creates a cloud of doubt in the mind of a buyer like me about the very authenticity of the watch bought. Now the question arises, how do I or any other buyer finds out if a watch is genuine and an original?

Understanding the crisis, the counterfeits are resulting. I am suggesting few simple steps to know if it is an original watch or not.

  • The Tik-Tok: If the ticking of the watch is too loud, then the chance of it being the fake is also loud and clear. For instance, an authentic Tsar is ensemble with many tiny pieces and movements of the hand are smooth and make insignificant sound.
  • Movement: A fake is a fake, irrespective of its resemblance to the original. However you see the movements or caliber to know if it is genuine or not. Caliber is described as the heart of the watch, if it has finesse and smoothness go for it (definitely other parameters to be checked as well) otherwise just leave it as the heart beating in the watch is not genuine.

  • The Mighty Material: The quality of a counterfeit can never surpass the quality of an original timepiece. Big brands uses high quality material like Ferrite, Magnesium, Ceramic, Peek, Carbon Fiber, Feather, Wood and Sapphire Glass. The glass used is known for its durability and transparency. These materials not only add life to the time piece but also give the very coveted watch its radiance, design and finish.
  • Branding: Check the logo which is done meticulously and is bound to be flawless. Check the logo and spelling. If there is any mistake, then the originality is at stake. For instance if it is tsar instead of Tsar then it is cent percent a duplicate.

  • The Documents: Backing of proper billing and paper work for guarantee, assures the quality all the more. In case of gold plated or diamond dial, watches come with a certificate. So if paper work is lacking the authenticity is lacking too.
  • The Packaging: Anything that is expensive comes in the most premium packing. So if you getting a deal without a box or one with a shabby box which is not at the par of the brand name, then you should pull your hands off that deal for the reasons best known.

Well I have been lucky enough to keep the counterfeit at bay, what about you? Have you ever been duped? Share your story in the comments.

One more thing always buy your expensive watches from authentic dealers whether online or offline.

– By Raziya S.

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