For Forever Connection – Gift Them Time…

Love is a very strong emotion and feeling; it’s the lone factor to bound two hearts in a relationship for years. But love is not merely restricted to opposite gender attraction. It is universal! Love can be developed when hearts connects and communicates. Any relationship can only flourish if there is love without any compulsion and confusion.

These relationships can be between the child and parent, siblings, friends and couple of course. So let this Valentine be without any restriction and express love towards your loved ones. Don’t shy away to let your best friend know his/her importance in your life, let your parents experience your emotions towards them and let your ever nagging sibling know, no matter how your borrowed clothes and money not being returned, cannot alter your love towards him/her.

Make this Valentine special and unique, create the love environment for your loved ones and let them know, come may what you shall always be there to stand by them and if not in person but always in spirit of “LOVE”.
Gifts are not mandatory but are the best way to express feelings towards loved ones. Let your gifting be different and specially thought upon and club it with the clichéd ones. But the best gift is “time” the more you give the better. Time spent together becomes lifetime memories to cherish, so be lenient while sparing time.

Gifting time to your beloved in materialist concept like that of a “Wooden Wrist Watch” is something to ponder upon. Don’t give any time piece but something which is differently and specially crafted.

Remember the wooden watch in vogue can be adorn by anyone and shall always be memory bound and recall the affection and love you behold towards them. So celebrate this Valentine’s Day and spread smiles and love!


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