Discover TRI Classic In the Wild

I have been passionate about photography and nature for as long as I can remember. But with time this love of mine became less important as my life became more focused on building Tsar Watches. My camera was well kept in the locker till I decided to reignite my affair with lenses and nature.

I would definitely say it is difficult to get away from preoccupied life but when the adventurous soul within starts craving, nothing can stop it from going ahead. On a weekend off there was nothing better than to turn on the ignition of my bike and escape into the woods few kilometers away. I have been to this wilderness before but this time the silence and serenity were surreal and the solitude was the need of the hour.

While moving endlessly into the woods to capture a perfect shot, I realize how in life I am running in a rat race to make my life perfect. It is at this hour I realized to cherish everything that is important and not to lose one love in order to gain the other. The chirping birds and rustling leaves gave a whole new definition of admiration in a life of the time. I may be overtly committed but I have to take out time for myself.

Everything depends on time, with that thought when I checked my watch, a classy wooden watch gifted by my friends. I had to admire the stylish watch which has been my companion everywhere in life in the chicest and classic manner.

So when time permits and time is in hand get hold of this high-end wooden watch to remind oneself of how beautiful is the time and the surroundings. With this, I was able to capture my most anticipated shot in the jungle and life.

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