5 Reasons To Wear A Wood Watch


Sustainability is avoiding the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Making of products in other materials emits carbons that are harmful for the environment. Wearing a wooden watch eliminates these factors. You are an ambassador for promoting such natural product. And every watch you buy, Tsar plants a tree.

Light Weight

The specialty of wood is that, in its natural essence is a light weighted material. And this makes a wood watch extremely light weight. The weight of the watch makes it more comfortable than the mainstream watches. A lot better accessory than any other that does not cause any hindrance while work or play.

Fashion Forward

Wrist watches in the recent times has become a contemporary product. The relevance of a watch used for time is history. Today it is all about appearance. Just in a manner clothing changes its trend from time to time, watches have also become better in designs. With this advancement a wooden watch breaks the monotony and stands out from the crowd.

No Watches Look Alike

A wooden piece when broken down in pieces will have a certain design and grains on it. So when these pieces are made into a wooden watch the looks for two same models look different in shade and pattern. A person who is seen wearing the same model as you will still look different. In this case the saying “to each his own” seems exact as the watch you wear is made just for you.

Age With Grace

A conventional watch starts to blemish over time. The more you wear the more it starts looking worn out. But wood gets better with age. The shine on the wood watch gets better with the atmosphere you’re in. What better than wearing a watch that looks better the more you wear?

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