Genuine Wood

All TSAR timepieces are crafted out of natural wood sourced from various nations like Koa

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from the USA, Sandalwood from Africa, Walnut wood from Canada, etc. The best part about TSAR watch is that the more you wear, the better it gets over the period of time

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Super Light-Weight

The major USP of TSAR Watches are their light weight.

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Comfortable to wear, enabling you to do daily chorus without burdening your wrist gives you feather like feel.

TSAR Watches are precisely crafted for daily conditions and also made water resistant.

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japanese movment

Japanese Movement

Japanese Miyota Movement are meant to deliver precision and accuracy. 

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All TSAR watches are powered by the fine mechanism of Japanese movement with excellent quality and workmanship.

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A Little About Us

Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

TSAR is a team of passionate breed of artists, marketers, thinkers and designers. What clashes daily are our crazy ideas, fashion acumen and urge to create something of greater value and style.

We strive to add to greater sense to everybody’s life by creating timepieces for modern lifestyle and crafting wood watches which tell you more than time.


Whether it’s Man or Woman, Wood Watches are for everyone
  • Light weight and Comfortable to wear.
  • No two pieces of wood are exactly alike, thus each wooden watch is unique in itself.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable product, hence emphasizing on eco-friendly fashion.
  • Unlike other watches that wear down over time wood watches look even better, longer the people wear them.
  • In-tune with nature- Each wood type has its own characteristics and thus providing several health benefits to the wearer.
  • Resistant to changes in temperature and climate.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Scratch Resistant.
  • Last but not the least at all, that TSAR never fails to catch attention of the people and generate compliments.